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0.9.5 Released

- added ability to edit server connection details
- added support for custom SSH ports
- added dashboard server reconnect event handling
- added dashboard ui cleanup on server disconnects
- improved main toolbar server list content updates
- improved application navigation handling
- fixed issues with setting ssh key path
- upgraded to Marionette 2.1.0

It should be instantly available when you restart the app. The version number is shown in the bottom right corner of the footer bar.


0.9.4 Released

- added tab to the file editor along with a close button
- added logging via Rollbar service to help troubleshoot connection issues
- fixed major issue causing SSH connections to hang
- fixed an issue with saving edited files
- upgraded underlying SSH library

You’ll need to download and re-install the application. I’m still working on getting the auto-updater integrated.


0.9.3 Released

- fixed a bug causing connection errors for newly added servers
- fixed visual display bug affecting server selection toggle on Windows
- upgraded underlying SSH library
- added additional test fixtures and a new server connection test case
- updated vagrant network configs to use bridged networking

It should be instantly available when you restart the app. The version number is shown in the bottom right corner of the footer bar.

I also updated the OSX version of the desktop shell. If you downloaded the previous version please download and install the new one. The auto-updater configuration was missing from the previous dmg file.


First Release & New Website

The very first release of the application is ready for download! It runs on OSX and Windows. The last few weeks have been filled with interesting experiences learning how to package and create installers for mac and windows apps. I automated the whole process with Grunt tasks so its super easy to repeat in the future.



Code on GitHub

I released the source code on GitHub last weekend. In case you’re not glued to my GitHub status updates, now you’re in the know!



April Development Update

Lots of updates in the last few months. Before I get into those I’ll share the rollout plans. Beginning of May I will post the source code on GitHub as a developer release. Shortly after that I’ll be launching a new website and the first version of the app will be downloadable from the new site. On to the development updates! More…


January Development Update

App Header Preview
Sneak preview of the new app header design

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! I’m actively working on getting a long awaiting first version of the app out there. I’ve been making a lot of consistent progress over the last two months and hope to reach the first release milestone very soon. More…


June Development Update

Crankset Icon by Hrvoje Bielen
Crankset Icon by Hrvoje Bielen

It’s been a while since the last update. I fell into one of those cycles where I was always convincing myself I’d post an update just as soon as I made some more progress on the next feature.

Progress Recap
- got a repeatable debian packaging process setup for the server side agent
- setup a apt repo on S3 to make the packages available “apt-get”
- created a shell script to automate all the steps in the server side install process
- working cross platform desktop client using the Chromium Embedded Framework
- new security and authentication strategy for the client and server components


GUI Client Developer Preview on GitHub

As promised the first developer preview release of the GUI client is on GitHub. As expected its pretty barebones right now and only suited for developers interested in kicking the tires and poking around the architecture. More…


December Development Update

Snowflake Cupcake Icon by Louis Harboe
Snowflake Cupcake Icon by Louis Harboe

I’ve been cranking away diligently trying to get some useable software in your hands by the end of year! It’s looking like I’ll be able to make that happen! I’m pulling everything together and planning to release what I have on December 26th.

Here’s a summary of progress since the last update. More…