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April Development Update

Sublime Text 2 Icon by Davi
Sublime Text 2 Icon by Davi (SBT2 Rocks!)

Happy April! Here’s a quick Ubuntu Server GUI development update to keep us all in the loop.

Progress in 2012 got off to a slow start after a number of family matters took my attention away from coding. Thankfully in March I had some time to make some great development strides.

The codebase is shaping up nicely and all the major engineering hurdles have been cleared. At this point it’s a matter of assembling the first set of features together and packaging everything up!

I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of feedback from user surveys and I’ve been using those to help guide the first set of features. I’m trying to keep the first release as close to a “minimum viable product” as I can while still delivering enough to lay the foundation for an awesome set of GUI tools for Ubuntu Server admins! Keep the feedback coming!

Potential Ubuntu Server GUI - Dock Icon
Potential Ubuntu Server GUI - Dock Icon

I’m also working on finalizing the dock and other key interface icons. Here’s the first potential dock icon that’s been created.

Let me know you’re thoughts on it. I’m still trying to decide whether or go with it or have another designer take a shot at it.

Hit me up in the comments or on twitter with any questions. “Just ship it” and other motivational tidbits are always welcome!

  • Aviram

    Just ship it! :)
    But seriously, as much as I want this already, I’m glad to see you are taking your time to bring a quality product.

  • David Feinberg

    Thanks for the positive feedback Aviram!

  • Russell McGrew

    Can we see some screenshots of the interface, im getting so anxious over here.

  • David Feinberg

    I’m holding out on you keep the anticipation high! Just kidding, I’m waiting on some icons to be finished for the UI. Once those are ready I’ll post a little teaser screenshot.

  • Eldad_fux

    looking great!

  • Stylus Pilot

    icon looks hot! keep up the good work

  • David Feinberg

    Thanks for your support!

  • Sergio Sánchez López

    When is it beta?

  • golem

    Cant wait for beta.

  • Demetris

    being waiting for this for a long time.
    Happy to see an Update.
    Is it viable to share code with openmediavault gui?
    It has refined the interface a lot and fixed a lot of bugs.
    I would love to see my UBUNTU Server 12.04 with your looks and openmediavault gui mixed and match.

  • David Feinberg

    thanks for the encourage and openmediavault tip. not sure there is a synergy there but its worth looking into.

  • David Feinberg

    thanks for your support!

  • David Feinberg

    thanks for your support Sergio. posting a specific date is always difficult with software projects but I’m aiming to have something ready very soon.

  • David Feinberg

    Thanks for sharing your perspective John, I completely understand where you’re coming from as I’ve felt the same way about other projects. The reality is doing indie development takes time. I picked a project I’m truly passionate about and have been making steady progress each month. I’m pretty close to a first release but I understand if the pace of this project isn’t what you were hoping for.

    Once all the foundational components of the architecture are in place things should move faster. The server side component will be open source so anybody can contribute and the client-side code will eventually allow plugins so things won’t always be solely tied to the pace of a single developer.

  • Fabian Bakkum

    It’s looking good, just ship it :D

  • David Feinberg

    thanks Fabian! Gonna post another update very soon!