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January Development Update

App Header Preview
Sneak preview of the new app header design

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! I’m actively working on getting a long awaiting first version of the app out there. I’ve been making a lot of consistent progress over the last two months and hope to reach the first release milestone very soon.

I recently updated the header design and got rid of the side navigation bar. Previously the side navigation bar was the only way to select which server you wanted to connect to. With the new design that functionality is integrated into the main toolbar. This increases the screen real estate for content that will be used more frequently than changing servers.

As always hit me up with any feedback in the comments and I appreciate everyones support and patience!

  • Niklas Rosenqvist

    Good work! Looking forward to see the final result :)

  • David Feinberg

    Thank you for your support Niklas!

  • Theoborne Bigsbe

    3 years.

  • David Feinberg

    and lots of lessons learned along the way!