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December Development Update

Snowflake Cupcake Icon by Louis Harboe
Snowflake Cupcake Icon by Louis Harboe

I’ve been cranking away diligently trying to get some useable software in your hands by the end of year! It’s looking like I’ll be able to make that happen! I’m pulling everything together and planning to release what I have on December 26th.

Here’s a summary of progress since the last update.

I changed the architecture of the cloud service component. Right now it only handles signups and logins but I hope to expand it so it compliments the client and server components down the line.

I’ve re-architected it more times than I’d like to a admit from PHP to Node and finally to Python. I’m really happy with Python powered setup and I think it’s the best toolset to enhance the client and server components which are both in JavaScript.

On the client side I integrated the cloud service signup and login capabilities. I’ve also been re-factoring coffeescript out of the mix and I’m just about finished having everything back in beautiful pure JavaScript.

I’ve learned a lot about building large scale Backbone.js powered applications over the last few months and it’s great to see this knowledge translate into the client-side app. While re-factoring I swapped out Jasmine for the Mocha test suite and recently crossed the 50+ mark for unit tests!

I’m really grateful for all your support and look forward to sharing the first version of the app next week!

  • Temple Pate

    Best of hopes!! Really looking forward on implementing this, and perhaps add it to any business related needs soon into the future. Can’t thank you enough!!!!

  • David Feinberg

    Thanks for your support, looking forward to your feedback!

  • Alastair Gilfillan

    I’ll keep an eye on your newsfeed for a release and be sure to give feedback. Thanks, David! :-)

  • Joel Barish

    December……and now is April…..please make it work

  • David Feinberg

    thanks for checking in. I’ve been making a ton of progress but fell into the trap of waiting for the next milestone before posting an update. I’m really close though!

  • Joel Barish

    thank you for your replay, i’m pleased to hear that it got proglress :)

  • PompJoggie

    Hope you are still on track to release today …. I’m anxiously waiting on the edge of my seat and ready to download and test !!! This should run just fine on 12.04.3 right ?

  • David Feinberg

    Thanks for the well wishes PJ. Working hard to have something in Jan!