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August Development Update (8/23 – 8/30)

Memory Gauge

Last week’s goals came out great!. Here is a little screenshot of the memory gauge. Glad to see the gauges finally come to life!

Also really excited with the way the client/server agent auth strategy is coming along. Originally I was going to attempt a pretty convoluted setup involving a web service and oAuth. But I’ve come to my senses and now have a working implementation of PAM based authentication.

Now that the PAM authentication module is integrated into the server agent the next step will be tying together the whole authentication experience so logging in and out of servers is as seamless as you would expect it to be.

In addition to smoothing out the auth experience I’m also going add server edit/delete capabilities to the UI via a nicely integrated right click menu.

Time permitting I’d also like to update the websocket integration. I have some previous code in there that will benefit from being upgraded to the latest version. Once the websocket functionality is smoothed out everything will be ready for real-time interaction and data flow.

Of course all of these items are leading up to what I’m hoping will become goals in the next few weeks (packaging and release)!

  • Alastair Gilfillan

    Looks neat. Thanks for the update and hard work.