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August Development Update (8/1 – 8/7)

Pomodoro Icon by TinyLab
Pomodoro Icon by TinyLab

Hey everyone, I hope your August is off to a great start! I was bummed I didn’t get a chance to post a July update. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make as much progress as I was hoping in July.

I changed jobs and that whole process ended up consuming quite a lot of time and energy in July. Happily I’m now at a better place with more flexible hours!

It’s been great to read everyones comments from the last post! It got me thinking about my rate of progress and transparency with the community. As a one-man developer things never seem to go as fast as I’d like. It can also be difficult to stay focused on hitting specific goals without veering off into unnecessary over engineering or refactoring.

This month I’m making a number of changes to improve my development process and keep everyone more involved in the project. I joined nReduce this week. They encourage you to commit to goals each week and document your progress with short before and after videos. I think it’s a great idea and I’m hoping it becomes a catalyst to stay focused, build momentum and connect with other bootstrap entrepreneurs.

The nReduce weekly goals concept got me thinking of sharing those same goals with the community. Rather than posting the videos I’d like to start posting weekly updates and embed the goals for each week here on the blog. Here are my goals for the week ending 8/7.

The overall goal right now is to deliver the first version of the client and the server agent with a solid foundation and plugin system to allow everyone to contribute!

Finally Niklas Rosenqvist asked some great questions in the last post about licensing. Both the client and server applications will be available under the GPL V3 license. Setting up Github repos for both projects will be part of upcoming weekly goals, stay tuned!

  • Anthony Gibson

    SHIP IT! Kidding (not really) excited to see how this turns out. I already have plans to use this for my client server as soon as it launches! Keep up the good work!

  • David Feinberg

    Thanks Anthony!

  • Niklas Rosenqvist

    Thanks for responding to my question! :) I just checked this blog again and read your prior blog post again and noticed that my comment hadn’t received an answer, then I read this post and got pleasantly surprised! Thank you! :)

  • David Feinberg

    My bad for not responding to that comment directly (gonna do that now). I’m glad you checked back though!