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Archive for April, 2011


Mount S3 Buckets On Ubuntu Server With S3QL

Senary Drive icon set by Milos Mirkovic
Ubuntu Senary Drive icon by Milos Mirkovic

This post will show you how to mount an S3 bucket to your Ubuntu Server for unlimited pay-as-you-go storage that works just like a locally mounted drive. There are handful of open source projects out there for mounting S3 buckets on Linux. Here we’re highlighting the S3QL project More…


Defend Your Server From SSH Attacks

You hear about servers getting hacked all the time but when was the last time you checked to see if anyone has been trying to break into yours? Attacks can target any public facing services on your box but SSH attacks are among the most common. More…


Search Within Files with Grep

Robert Deyber - Needle in a Haystack

Once your familiar with finding files on your Ubuntu server you’ll quickly run into situations where you need to search within them from the command line. 

Grep is an easy to use tool that quickly shows each line inside a file containing the keyword you feed it. Let’s get right to it!



Find Large Files Fast

We’ve all been there, your 10GB VPS server is running out of space or that 3GB virtual machine your using as a dev server is bursting at the seems and you need to free up some space quickly. 

Use these searches to find the largest files on your server and start clearing up space for more 1′s and 0′s.