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Archive for March, 2011


Searching For Files with Find

I’ll start with some quick examples for the “copy and paste” crowd, which I’m usually a part of. 

Search the entire file system for files named php.ini. More…


Ubuntu Server Memory Usage & Swap Space

You can quickly check how much memory is being used on your server and how much is available using the free command. Adding the m flag displays values in megabytes so they’re easier to read. More…


Determine the Version of Ubuntu You’re Running

When all the Ubuntu code names like feisty, juanty and lucid start blending together with all the different release numbers it can be easy to forget exactly which version of Ubuntu server you have on your system.



Checking Disk Space Usage

Quickly check available disk space on your server using the df command. By default values are displayed in 1K blocks which is why we added the h flag to display values in a more “human readable” format i.e. Megs and Gigs. More…



The site is officially live and we’re working hard on developing the first release of Ubuntu Server GUI tools! Leading up to launch and beyond we’ll be posting helpful tips for managing your Ubuntu servers, development progress and news from the Ubuntu server community.